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Saturday, June 14, 2003

There's "Good News" for everyone who finds him or herself getting frustrated whenever checking the e-mail inbox: Sen. Charles Shumer (D-NY) is teaming up with the Christian Coalition to help regulate Spam mail. The plan would institute a national registry similar to many states' "Do Not Call" lists to combat telemarketing. From CNN:

Schumer took his campaign to the Christian airwaves Thursday, appearing on the coalition's "700 Club" program with the group's founder Pat Robertson.

Schumer and the 2-million member coalition have faced off over the Democrats' successful efforts to stall a handful of Bush's judicial appointments.

The spam bill would establish criminal penalties, including prison time, for spammers who repeatedly break the rules.

Graham said direct marketing companies with deep pockets have until now prevented useful anti-spam legislation.

"The way you beat people with money is you unite the right and the left," Graham said.

Combs hinted at future cooperation. "Maybe we can work with Senator Schumer on other issues."

The senator leaned over and said, "Amen!"

God writes a lot of comedy...
the trouble is,
he's stuck with so
many bad actors
who don't know how
to play funny.

-Garrison Keillor


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