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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

I just sent this to Lou Dobbs' Moneyline. I'd encourage you to go here and send you're own. The man is driving me insane.

Maybe you should change the name of the show to "Lou Dobbs on Securing Our Borders." I feel like you should have a day count like Nightline during the hostage crisis. I can't stand watching the show anymore - it's as if you are playing a tape of the same show every night. Even just now, I decide to give you another try figuring you'd have to be covering THE NEW HAMPSHIRE PRIMARY, and I hear Lou say, "secure our borders" the second I watch. CNN is my network, but when Lou Dobbs comes on... MSNBC it is.

God writes a lot of comedy...
the trouble is,
he's stuck with so
many bad actors
who don't know how
to play funny.

-Garrison Keillor


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